Norsemen Realty Team Facts
Norsemen Realty Ltd.. was incorporated on January 1, 2000 by Rich Olive  and is licensed to do business in the state of Iowa.
We are a member of the Ames Multiple Listing Service, which means that our agents can show their clients any house listed by any REALTOR in the surrounding area. In March of 2017 we partnered with Friedrich Iowa Realty and became the Norsemen Realty Team.

We moved to our new location at 520 Broad St. in Story City in fall of 2020 and invite you to stop in and see the new building and enjoy our custom built coffee bar.

Our Broker/ Agent is Tyler Frederiksen. Sales agents are Megan Frederiksen, Marian Olive, Deb Stolee, Andy Scarrow and Tawnya Staton. We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs.  We want you to " love where you live!".

If you would like to learn more about Story City, please visit their websites or